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Noah Ohlsen

Noah Ohlsen

2nd fittest man on earth 2019


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From full training programs for CrossFiters or At home HIIT programs, to laser-focused programs to improve your weightlifting, gymnastics, engine, endurance, rowing, and more.


WODPROOF IS THE BIGGEST EVENTS' time-stamped recording platform

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The Coach/Manager package provides you with the best platform to share workouts with your fellow athletes, track their performance, see their workout scores and full-length videos while analyzing their performance.

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WODProof provide the community members with digital WODProof Coins based on the fitness activity, and duration.

The more active you are, the more rewards you get. WODProof Badges and extra Coins will be granted to the athletes who do more activities. WODProof Coins may be used to purchase items from the best brands worldwide, for the best prices.


"I love the Supreme program, it's got varied movements as well as a good structure and mix of strength, short workouts and chippers Gymnastics - has a good focus on the foundations! I follow the Gymnastics program as well and when it finish I will focus on Weightlifting. I love that I can just get up and go, without thinking about what to do each day. It's got such a variety of programs available too."
Dani Moore
Supreme & Gymnastics programs member
I looked for a way to improve my snatch now that my gym is closed - I have started the strength and weightlifting for cross-fitters program and I am very happy I did that! also the WODProof PRO features help me get the most out of this Training program ADD ON - highly recommended!
Weightlifting program member
"I started the Gymnastics program by Thuri Helgadottir to improve MU Handstand walk and regaining bar muscle ups. I'm really happy I found the app, I have had so much fun the last 12 weeks working on weaknesses, it's so easy to be consistent with this to work with"
Dani Moore
Supreme & Gymnastics programs member
I've been doing CrossFit for over 5 years, I've never enjoyed rowing like in the Rowing Expert program. I'm halfway there and really enjoying it. Feeling the SPM, the power in every pull, and I learned to pay attention to small new details that really challenging me. THANK YOU!"
Nissim Alfasi
Rowing Expert Program member
"The works outs include an awesome warm up and always can be done in one hour or less. As a mom of two, that is so awesome. The programming has been my saving grace during these weird months!"
Libby Elias
HIIT - Lean Muscle program member
"I loved the overall structure of the program, from basic strength to movement basics to full movement. The video demonstration: short and informative (no fluff around). The additional tips provided by Thuri Helgadottir personally on some of the exercises were amazing!"
Jeremy Broutin
Gymnastics Program member

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