WODProof is your ultimate qualification video and community driven app, that was born out of our personal need, as athletes who competed in the open.

Since 2015, WODProof has helped hundreds of thousands of athletes train smarter, analyze their performances, validate scores, & qualify for events with our easy-to-use technology.

In addition, WODProof is an integrated part of Top-Level Games athletes training routin. Athletes like Noah Ohlsen, Sara Sigmundsdottir, and Thuri Helgadottir consider WODProof an essential training tool.

WODProof developed out of our personal need as athletes.

When we recorded a video for a qualifier, we had to physically put a stopwatch on the floor, running simultaneously with the camera recording the athletes’ performance.

In 2015 we said “How is it possible that after almost ten years of athletes recording themselves for qualifications there’s still no solution for this problem?!”

From that day we’ve been on a journey to make our dream come true; to make our lives easier and to make our qualifications videos look as professional as we are.

WODProof version 1.0 went live in January 2016 as a Beta version.

We’ve tested and optimized WODProof, focusing on the base need of every athlete until we produced the most stable and reliable application for our community.

Then, by asking our community members for their daily needs. We asked athletes from all levels worldwide, including months of tests by WODProof Athletes team. We made from WODProof a new revolutionary platform, that is way more than “just” a recording platform.  

Since then, this is how we work. We keep improving WODProof from month to month based on the current needs and ajdust ourselves quickly to the worldwide situation.

Supporting our vision, we were joined by Noah Ohlsen, Thuri Helgadottir, Sara Sigmundsdottir, and Marcus Filly – representing the fittest and most elite athletes in the world.

We are proud having these top level athletes, who more than just a great athletes, they have the personallity that we believe represent our core values the best,

They were excited to take part in designing a platform to record, test and analyze their daily workouts and submit their qualifiers for the biggest competition in the world.

If you were familiar with WODProof before, you know that over time, with a combination of feedback from our community and the WODProof team, WODProof 1.0 was only the beginning.

Now, with the combination of our huge supportive community and so many new abilities based on real time data and analysing tools, WODProof it everything you’ve ever dreamt of.

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Sara Sigmundsdottir

28, Games Athlete.

Noah Ohelsn

30, Games Athlete.

Marcus Philly

36, FBB Creator.

Thuri Helgadottir

29, Games Athlete